The race to build a flying electric taxi

For any commuter the prospect of being whisked to and from work in a fraction of the time it usually takes is pretty irresistible. This is the promise of more than a hundred companies developing…


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Revitalizing an old N64 System with Everdrive and Replacement Joysticks

The Nintendo 64 is a classic gaming console that had a successful reign between 1996 through 2001. Many of it’s games have become classics, and despite the many years since their release, are still captivating and immersive.

Some used game, can fetch around 100+ dollars.

Ebay search for Worms Armageddon 64

Also, used controllers on the market tend to suffer from the years of wear-and-tear they have endured, and will tend to have loose joysticks.

Amazon search for n64 controller. Avg User review: 2.8, with 40% at 1/5 rating.

The third party market also generally has failed to make a high quality products, and tend to more negative reviews, than positive.

While physical copies may be expensive and difficult to get, google searching *game name* + rom, will almost always get you a download link for the game.

With the rom, you can run an emulator program to load and play the game, but even today many games do not work well running inside an emulator.

I ordered the Everdrive, and within 1 month, it arrived. I inserted a 64 GB SD card loaded with the entire N64 Library, and was able to see all the games listed . Using the game controller I was able to select and load any game.

Average rating 4.2

Replacing the joysticks was easy enough, remove a few screws from the back, pop it open, unplug the old joystick and plug in the one one, and reassemble.

The quality of the new joysticks seemed good, and would snap back to the center. They seem to resemble the Gamecube joystick.

And with that, now I have a console with all of the games available, and responsive controllers!

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