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Understanding your users, questioning presumptions, redefining challenges, and coming up with creative ideas you can prototype and test are all steps in the iterative process of design thinking. The…


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How to Connect With Readers that Resonate with Your Story

How to never miss an opportunity to connect with your readers.

Image Credits: Pixabay

It was after I missed one yesterday that I realized what it was: A missed opportunity.

After publishing this article yesterday, a reader sincerely commented.

First on how lovely an article it was and most importantly how she had a similar experience in the past and how she plans to apply the idea in her recent goal.

After reading the comment, I replied appreciating her kind words and wished her success in the most recent goal she mentioned in her comment.

I was so glad someone resonated with my experience and truth! It was the most joyful thing I experience that day.

A few hours after, something didn't feel right. I felt I've missed something!

After a while I realized what it was: I missed an opportunity to connect.

In her comment, she mentioned how she's in a similar experience in the past. And her decision to apply its lesson in the nearest future.

All I could say was "thanks for the kind words," and "I wish you success in your endeavor".

Too shallow for so deep and sincere a comment!

It was a golden opportunity to connect, but I missed it!

Image Credit: Pixabay

These are the ones that are best described as delighted readers.

They really connect with your idea and experiences.

One way to recognize them is the length and content of their comments:

They are usually long and contains an experience they have had in the past and sometimes how they plan to apply the lessons you shared into their future goal.

When you notice those comments, don't just scan through them. These are the kind of readers that can…

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